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Simply download Tego app from the playstore or applestore into your android or ios device. Follow the instructions and in less than 3 minutes you are set to go. Book your ride from the class of vehicles that meet your needs. In no time one of our very courteous drivers will arrive your doorstep. Relax and enjoy your ride with a friendly experienced driver with a track record of safety and professionalism. Our drivers love driving so you will always meet well motivated men and women behind the wheels. This is TEGO's unique flavour you can be sure to of at all times.


The rideshare business has become very competitive; as a result riders look out for where quality and safety match reasonable price. Tego systems have a business model that guarantees fair pricing in which both rider and driver are treated as members of one big family. Students, seniors and even those earning minimum wage find Tego pricing very budget-friendly. The opportunity to earn residual income even as a rider makes the Tego rides most attractive for every economic class. Let's go Tego.

Safety first

Tego is strong on:

  • Standard background checks.
  • Preference for experienced drivers.
  • Regular vehicle inspection and adequate insurance coverage.
  • Tego has zero tolerance for alcohol and drug use for drivers. Tego attracts the best drivers because of the high level professionalism and a work environment that respects and rewards drivers more than any other ride share company.

You can rest assured that your safety remains a priority every time and all the time you are on a Tego ride.

The road is open and so are we

How does Tego work?

The Tego systems operates a rideshare transportation model similar to uber and the likes. It is high-tech deal because in most cases users must have smart phone and be able to download our apps online. Our apps function with the android and iOS (apples) operating systems. It is important that users have access to internet or Wifi services to drive the entire process from booking a ride, getting a driver and ending the trip. With this concept there is no need for phone calls and having to be kept on hold or having to deal with assents or folks having a bad day. This approach is time saving and boasts of an impressive efficiency. Though it is a high-tech, the entire process has been so simplified that anyone who is capable of operating a mobile phone to make calls will easy understand it. It's all about using the beauty of technology to make life and commuting much easier.

Choose your destination

Open the app and input your pick up location and your destination by typing in a valid address of where you plan to go. If the address is not coming up, choose the nearest public facility close to your destination.

See your estimates fare upfront

Our system is set up to give the rider a fare estimate after the class of vehicle has been selected. Cost is computed by distance, time and class of vehicle one selects. You can trust Tego for the best deal all the time.

Get a ride in minutes

Because our drivers are all over the place most requests are honoured in a matter of minutes. Our app also helps in tracking the movement of the driver as he or she navigates in your direction. Riders are advised to consider high traffic hours and make allowance for unexpected delays.

Pay in the app

The fare is deducted from your credit/debit card on file. Tego also offers wallet services in which riders can have some money deposited for their transportation either on a monthly or weekly basis. In most developing countries Tego makes provision for cash payments just to make sure everyone benefits from our unique package.

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