How To Use Tego App To Book a ride

To contact a driver or request a ride, passengers first need to download the secure and free Tego app for Android or iOS from the app stores then set up a user profile.

When ready to request a ride, the user opens the app, set their location and their intended destination. The app will then give a cost estimate for the trip. Once passengers request the ride, the app alerts nearest driver who accepts the request and then comes to pick the rider.

Once a driver has accepted the ride, passengers will be able to see their driver’s name, photo, car make and model, and registration, as well as be able to track the driver making his or her way towards him or her in real time – all of these measures are put in place to make it easy for everyone and also ensure that rider gets safely into the right vehicle with the authentic driver. Passengers can also share their trip details using the “Share your ETA” function on the app, as an extra level of security.

When the ride is complete, payment is made with cash (in certain countries), or via the debit card details that the rider enrolled with when signing up.

Quick Guide

Intending drivers and riders can apply by downloading our app from the playstore ( android) or Applestore (Iphones). One can also sign up via our  website. Uplaod the required documents and as soon as they have been verified and approved the system will notify you and get your account activated. 
As a Tego driver you get to know your earning after each trip and by the end of the week your total earning is deposited in your bank account on file or in your tego wallet. As a business builder you earn commission each time a down-line takes a trip. The total is calculated monthly and a check for the amount mailed to your address on file. If one is a driver and a business builder he or she rakes in cash on weekly basis and on monthly basis. You never run dry There is no dull moment it is a flowing stream of income you can be proud of if you work hard. Sign up today and begin to have money flow into your coffers and your lofty dreams actualized. Tego gets you there!
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