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From the spring of 2016, Fidelis Ochonogor began to incubate the dream which became encapsulated into a pulsating revolutionary idea. This unique idea of marrying network marketing with rideshare transportation crystallized into a vision by January 2017. The rideshare industry can now boast that a company cares so much about their drivers/riders building their own business venture.

He reached out to the other three founding members (Dr. Tonye Briggs, Dr. John Emilimor, and Dr. Godfrey Osayamwen) who passionately bought the idea, but had to reinforce it with their various strengths and experiences, and then the company was born. With each of these four core members adding either the first letter of their first name or last name, TEGO was carved out.


The Founder

Mr. Fidelis Ochonogor is the founder and CEO of TEGO systems Inc. Soon after he received a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, he launched into the world of entrepreneurs. Within a short amount of time, Fidelis became a motivational figure, cutting across both business and faith communities. He is described as an erudite, vibrant, and an experienced leader in the network industry. Fidelis’s passion for wealth creation and distribution shows through his work. He is known to tell those who come asking him for financial assistance that they too can make it. He is convinced that with this avenue his desire to leave a legacy for humanity.

The Leaders

Dr Tonye Briggs is a dynamic, versatile, and gifted entrepreneur. He trained as a physician at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital in Nigeria. He is the chairman of several companies spanning from the Health Sector, Real Estate, and Marine Corporation. He is able to effectively minister through his role as an associate pastor in a growing local church in Houston.

Dr John Emilimor trained as a dental surgeon at the University of Benin, Nigeria. After a few years in private practice, he moved into a vibrant ministerial calling. His passion for the transportation business dates back to his undergraduate days when he pioneered the intra-campus commercial bus system.

Godfrey Osayamwen is a dynamic leader and a strategist with multiple graces. He is the president/CEO of Texas Rehab Inc, a fast growing organization based in Houston, Texas. With over 30 years experience in business and member of board of several business and organizations combined with his over 15 years in network marketing, TEGO is blessed with his solid leadership base.


We are a ridesharing company with a difference. Our concept is original, innovative and aimed at dignifying the key participants in this emerging technology-driven transportation business.

TEGO moves the moveable and the immovable (those that need special assistance due to some disabilities or the few who have been held back just by fear of travel ‘agoraphobia’). We boast of a category of drivers that could take you through bumpy roads without your knowing it.

For the first time, a rideshare company has incorporated ambulance services in developing countries where the inadequacy in the EMS (Emergency Medical Services) sector routinely leads to the loss of lives. Watch out for TEGO-AMBU.

TEGO is hitting today’s world with a technological hybrid in the world of technology driven transportation. You will soon discover, the brains behind this vision are passionately people-driven. TEGO will be bridging the gap between technology and humanity. In TEGO systems, people will not be treated as a cog in the machine, but as entities with unique strengths and weaknesses.


The Tego model brings the rider, the driver, and the operators (TEGO) into a filial partnership in which all parties can share the common-wealth that is being generated. Here in TEGO, a driver who signs up as a business builder could retire from active driving and still be earning a good sum. In this model, a driver’s earning will far exceed what the average driver earns from driving or tips.

TEGO Systems brings professionalism into the rideshare business.

Our model brings:

  • Dignity
  • Money
  • Financial Freedom
  • Dreams
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It feels good for one to take a break from driving, let someone else do the driving and have the pleasure of relaxing while someone else takes the wheel.

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It's fun to make money while driving your car, when and where you want. This is the beauty of partnering with TEGO as an independent contractor driver.

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Business Builder

It's amazing to know that just by driving or riding and encouraging others to do the same, one can be building a splendid retirement program on the side.


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