The missing Link

17 Jan 2024

The general public have been reacting to the coming of  RideTEGO into the rideshare business. While they had believed that the present operators had it all, they are all agog with affirmation and can't wait for TEGO to launch as they learned of the difference Tego brings into the market. They all testify that TEGO has come up with the missing link. In the regular job market, a major driving force is JOB SECURITY. This has been the major downside in the rideshare industry. Drivers were merely treated as independent contractors. This means that the rideshare companies leave the individuals to be responsible for their own vacation packages, retirement package, health care etc. Not to talk of getting assistance in buying a home or practically attaining a life dream. Seeing that Tego addresses these critical areas many people are actively on standby waiting to jump in as soon as Tego officially launches in their city. Watch out, it's coming soon

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