On your screen click left side top corner menu.
1)Go to Payment options.
2)You will have three options.From them select Account.

Update the information you want.
3)Click on Save

Usually, all Tego Systems Drivers get paid weekly while all bonuses, incentives, rewards and commissions are paid monthly.

All Drivers’ earnings excluding commissions, incentives, rewards and bonuses are paid on the first day of every month. But Drivers’ fees (that is earnings from the total Drives they completed per Tego’s Weekly cycles) are paid every Wednesday of each week.

This is very rare but if for any reason(s) you did not receive your weekly payment, simply call us on our customer support line +1888-816-0545 or simply send a mail to support@tegosystems.net and your request will be processed within 48 hours from the time your request was received by Tego Systems support Team.

If a rider threw up in your car or messed up your car, we advise you to take clear photo of the mess and forward same to Tego Systems Support team for further investigation. After which you will be duly compensated if found to be true.

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