Tego Systems officially began taking rides from the general public on January 15, 2020, about a month after initial Apps development.  Ever since then, the entire communities we serve have come to embrace our services with open arms.

Tego Systems serves Houston and its neighboring Cities! That area includes Downtown Houston, Katy, Richmond, North Houston, Southwest Houston, Missouri City, and Pearland.

Tego Systems is a friendly-driven ridesharing company founded by local entrepreneurs from diverse fields of human endeavors. Tego Systems launch team is led by Fidelis Ochonogor, an outstanding Direct Selling Business magnet in conjunction with Attorney at Law, Medical

Practioners joined to form the leadership of Tego Systems. Tego Systems was funded by friends and entrepreneurs from different works of life.

Our predecessors continue to spend billions of Dollars diverse programs to their benefits thereby neglecting the Drivers and Riders who toil day and night to bring in the billions. We, in Tego has come up with a fabulous reward system that rewards everyone according to his or her effort. We believe in sharing with the teaming youth population accordingly. Tego Systems could quickly harness this infrastructure - build the right solution and fill the void and provide a great, safe service. Tego Systems is focused on developing innovative mobility programs for under-served groups through our generous Incentives, Bonuses, Fees and awards to deserving Partners

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